VHS home movies to DVDS .

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VHS home movies to DVDS .

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Hey guys! I've been looking for something to convert my Dad's VHS home movies to DVDS but most things I have found seem kinda sketchy.Does anyone have any experience with this process? and if so, what would you recommended in the way of equipment?I really appreciate the help.

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Re: VHS home movies to DVDS .

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I happily use an EyeTV 250 Plus, connected to the VHS by a Scart to composite video cable. The EyeTV software can bump recordings straight off to Toast for burning to DVD, so no need to involve HandBrake for this operation. See the EyeTV forums at http://forums.elgato.com/ for more user discussion.

Cheers, Chris

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Re: VHS home movies to DVDS .

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This isn't related to HandBrake at all. Moving to Tiki Bar.

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Re: VHS home movies to DVDs

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Combo VHS to DVD Recorder

I have used a Panasonic model for years. I like the Panasonic models, because they support 640x480 at the 4 hour as well as 2 hour mode (but at a lower bit rate), so that longer programming can still look as good as the original VHS. Many of my VHS' are as much as 30 years old, but continue to convert to DVDs in good quality.

I generally record to a DVD-RW, copy over to my Mac Mini and use MPEG Streamclip to edit and then convert to H.264 so that I can add it to my digital library (or burn it back to a DVD) and erase the DVD-RW for future use.

But if your VHS' are ready to go right to DVD with no editing, it is one button simplicity. Some models support Super VHS and HiFi playback.

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