Ubuntu bionic (18.04)

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Ubuntu bionic (18.04)

Post by webstoney »

The ppa doesn't seem to have 1.3.0 for bionic, although the docs say there is support for it.

Any special reason why there is no ppa for 18.04?
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Re: Ubuntu bionic (18.04)

Post by JohnAStebbins »

Bionic's libraries are too old at this point. If you want to run the latest versions of HandBrake on bionic, you'll have to use our flatpak releases.
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Re: Ubuntu bionic (18.04)

Post by frustrated dude 11 »

download handbrake flatpak installer from https://handbrake.fr/rotation.php?file= ... 64.flatpak
from same directory, run-

Code: Select all

sudo apt install flatpak
<restart your system>
sudo flatpak install HandBrake-1.3.0-x86_64.flatpak
pretty easy
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Re: Ubuntu bionic (18.04)

Post by bigboipete »

Another question to the bionic HandBrake release:

As far as I understand the version listing at launchpad.net, version 1.2.1 should be available for bionic via ppa (1:1.2.1-zhb-1ppa1~bionic1). My entry in the sources on my machine seems also to be correct: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/stebbins/handb ... ses/ubuntu bionic main

But I am stuck on version 1.1.1 on my machine (fully patched Mint 19.3). The only thing I couldn't figure out so far is the meaning of the "1:" in the ppa version entry. Does this somehow prevent the version 1.2.1 update?

Btw thanks for this cool piece of software called HandBrake!!!
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