v1.x.x matroska/theora/vorbis doesn't play

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v1.x.x matroska/theora/vorbis doesn't play

Post by tiggerfan » Thu Oct 04, 2018 12:08 am

I've had this issue since v1 was released but haven't reported it as i was hoping it would get fixed in a later release. It seems most of the issues are working as it doesn't hang anymore during play back. The only issue i have now is that there is no sound. Since 1.1.2 is out and it still is an issue for me i thought i had better report it. I've been using handbrake for 6+ years now. I use fedora and keep my system up to date though all the years. i also build form source, i don't use packages.

The last working version for me has been 0.10.5 (x86_64) which i still use. I just recompile from source after every new fedora upgrade. i'm currently running fedora 28 and it working fine.

I use handbrake to generate matroska/mkv file, video encoder Theora and audio Vorbis.

These files play on my kodi android box just fine when i use v0.10.5

v1.0.x- did not generate a working matroska/mkv file. it would hang during playback on fedora desktop and kodi android box.

when i tested 1.1.2 i noticed that the resulting mkv will play on my fedora system but doesn't play correctly on the same kodi android box. either the sound works or the video but i can't get both to play without it hanging. sometime it just hangs.

has anyone else seen this issue with V1.x and matroska/theora/vorbis?

the kodi android box is 6.0 with kodi 17.0.

my fedora system is fedora 28 with the latest patches.

here is the activity log from one of the files i generated:

Description of problem or question:
v1.x.x matroska/theora/vorbis doesn't play

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fedora 28 and android 6

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Re: v1.x.x matroska/theora/vorbis doesn't play

Post by s55 » Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:07 pm

Outside of build system tweaks over the years, we haven't done anything to Theora since 2009. We haven't fixed anything with it so I'm surprised your seeing any changes.

In all likely hood, there is a problem with either Kodi, or the android box simply isn't handling the codec very well. I'll most likely be decoding in software which is bad and is probably the root if your problem. Could be some container changes when we've switched muxers over the years simply are not handled well in this setup.

You'd be better off switching to h264 as it should have a hardware decoder for that. If it's having problems with theora, then it'll probably have problems with VP8 as well so that may not be an upgrade avenue.

Theora has been scheduled for removal from Handbrake for a long time now. I wasn't even aware anyone still used it!

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Re: v1.x.x matroska/theora/vorbis doesn't play

Post by Rodeo » Thu Oct 04, 2018 7:34 pm

There are hardware-accelerated VP8 decoders around though. In any case, it's a better bet than Theora.

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