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New Folder functionality

Support for HandBrake on Linux, Solaris, and other Unix-like platforms
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New Folder functionality

Post by preset » Mon Jan 02, 2017 11:27 pm

Linux Ubuntu 16.04.1
Handbrake 20170101223822-d1bd5ae-master (x86_64)

Thanks for the New Folder bug fix.

1) I can't move built-in presets to a new folder
I asm trying to separate H265 and VPx presets:
Create Folder (say VP8 & VP9)
Drag VP8 & VPN built-in presets to it does not work. Should it?

2) Is it possible for all Folders to be collapsed when opening Handbrake? Currently it always opens with 'General' expanded.

Many thanks.

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