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"all tracks matching selected languages" not picking up director's commentary

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"all tracks matching selected languages" not picking up director's commentary

Post by mortya » Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:52 am

I have audio defaults configured with various languages, including English. Selection behavior is "all tracks matching selected languages". It's working in the case of multiple regular English tracks, but isn't picking up director's commentary in English unless I add it manually.

I'm pretty sure this feature worked in a recent build, but then stopped working after I did an upgrade. I tried upgrading to the most recent 1.0.1 via apt-get, but no joy.

The version I'm running: handbrake 1.0.1. dpkg version 1.0.1-zhb-1ppa1~xenial1. Installed from the stebbins ppa. The Linux distro is Ubuntu 16.04.

The program didn't throw any exceptions. It just didn't add the director's commentary.

Activity log uploaded to pastebin:


Thanks for all the work you folks do on handbrake! I really love the "audio defaults" and "subtitle defaults" automations. The recent addition of "delete all" in the queue is something I've wanted for a long time.

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