[Fixed] [2169 WinGUI] Wont compile, missing x264panel

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[Fixed] [2169 WinGUI] Wont compile, missing x264panel

Post by siromega »

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C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.5\Microsoft.CSharp.targets(60,9): error MSB3041: Unable to create a manifest resource name for "Controls\x264Panel.resx". Could not find file 'E:\_handbrake-cvs\C#\Controls\x264Panel.cs'.
Done building project "HandBrakeCS.csproj" -- FAILED.
Did you forget a file (or two) in the CVS? If I check out an older version of the SVN (before 2166), then go to 2166+ and then compile it, it'll work.
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Re: [2169 WinGUI] Wont compile, missing x264panel

Post by s55 »

yeh, my bad.

Files are now checked in. 2170 should build.
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