[Duplicate] Minor misspelling in queue mouseover: "Botton"

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[Duplicate] Minor misspelling in queue mouseover: "Botton"

Post by mekaneck »

Please describe the problem in as much detail as possible:
The word "bottom" is incorrectly spelled "botton" in the popup window that occurs when you mouse over an item in the queue. This is in the part of the popup that is describing the cropping.
What are the steps to reproduce this problem:
Add an item to the queue. Open The queue. Move your mouse over that item.
What version of HandBrake you are running:
What operating system and version and you running (e.g. OSX 10.11, Windows 7, Ubuntu 14):
Windows 10
If there was any exception or error displayed, please copy it and paste it here:

Please include the scan or encode log:

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 Paste your log here between the code brackets, or use a pastebin website. 
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Re: [Duplicate] Minor misspelling in queue mouseover: "Botton"

Post by s55 »

Already Fixed. Marking as duplicate.

Will be part of the 1.0.3 release.
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