"VideoEncoder" index problem

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"VideoEncoder" index problem

Post by Lazyncoder »

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Hi, This is a simple problem. When I installed the latest nightly build, my video codec(a.k.a VideoEncoder in the presets) is no longer being loaded correctly. For example, one of my presets uses x265 (VideoEncoder: 5) but now HB sets it to Theora. This can easily be corrected using a simple search and replace in the user presets file(VideoEncoder: 5 -> VideoEncoder: 6), But I thought let's report it. Maybe there's something wrong that needs to be fixed.

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Windows 10

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Re: "VideoEncoder" index problem

Post by s55 »

I forgot to bump the preset version number which would have disabled all the old user presets. I've now done this when you next update, it'll force you to re-create all the presets.
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