MBAFF Source is encoded interlaced

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MBAFF Source is encoded interlaced

Post by K@mpfH@mster »

Hi, I have found a Bluray, which is neither 1080p/i, it is 1080mbaff. It looks it is some kind of combination between this two. THe problem is, if I encode the video with decomb, the video looks interlaced (it is progressiv of course, but it looks like it is interlace), if I use Off, it is the same. With deinterlace, it stops after few seconds. If I watch the source, everything is fine.
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Re: MBAFF Source is encoded interlaced

Post by Smithcraft »

I haven't seen much on MBAFF, but I think it's interlaced material that has been converted to progressive with out being deinterlaced or detelecined.

I think that no matter what you do, it's not going to look good, so for me, I just process it the way I would normally.

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