Preview not auto updating deinterlace settings

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Preview not auto updating deinterlace settings

Post by cbud »

Version 6398svn x86_64 (2014091101)
OS X 10.8.5

The preview window is not automatically updated with the deinterlace options selected in picture settings after title change.

I open a DVD video folder, the first title loads, I select a custom setting, I open the preview window, I see interlacing-like artifacts, I go to the picture settings options, I turn on the 'deinterlace' option, I select 'slower', and the artifacts disappear - as expected. I then select the next title in that source, and the interlacing artifacts are present again. Although, in the picture settings the deinterlace>slower option is still active. I then switch from slower to slow and back again and the preview window updates accordingly, eliminating the artifacts. I honestly don't remember this happening with previous builds. Prior to this beta the last build I downloaded was back in June. Sorry, I don't have a version number of that past build.

The above change, or bug if I may, is not a big deal, but its different, and makes me have to double check my settings, as the preview window is not accurate.

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Re: Preview not auto updating deinterlace settings

Post by Ritsuka »

Should be fixed in the next nightly.

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