*** READ ME before posting bugs ***

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Please use the GitHub link above to report issues.
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*** READ ME before posting bugs ***

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Github Issue Tracker

The preferred method for raising bugs is our Issue Tracker on GitHub. If you do not have a GitHub account, feel free to use this forum.

Step 1
  • Please make sure you are running the latest version of HandBrake.
  • If you are willing, please check the latest Nightly Build to see if the problem still persists. If this resolves your issue, then you don't need to post about it.
Step 2
Please search though this bugs forum and the Issue Tracker on GitHub to verify that someone else hasn't already reported this issue.
If you find a post and have additional information and logs, please post them into the existing thread.

Step 3
When creating a new post, the "New Post" screen provides a template for the information we need to help track down a bug. Please provide as much detailed information as possible.

We have very limited time and reosurces so any posts that don't provide the required information will likely be ignored.

Step 4

Be Patient. Unfortunately an immediate or useful response is not always possible. We see every bug posted here, and they are all in our thoughts. We want them fixed as much as you do.

Thank you for helping us make HandBrake a longer lever.