[Not Bug] [WinGUI] HB forgets the name of last dest folder

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[Not Bug] [WinGUI] HB forgets the name of last dest folder

Post by peter_h »

Here's a bug that needs fixing:

Whenever HB restarts, it forgets the name of the last folder that was set as the destination folder for encodes, from the last session.

So the auto-naming of the destination folder looks something like this:


...whereas it should be...

L:\videos\new encodes\dvdTitle_3.mp4

Oddly, hitting the [Browse] button, takes me to the last used folder. So it does remember it, but just doesn't initally add it the destination string. So I end up copying the title name before I hit [BRowse] and then pasting it into the file selection box, before hitting [OK].
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Re: BUG: HB forgets the name of last destination folder

Post by s55 »

Are you sure your default path is set correctly?
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