[Fixed] [Win] changing CQ granularity option breaks CQ

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[Fixed] [Win] changing CQ granularity option breaks CQ

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I'm doing my best to abide by forum rules, and I hope this fits here. (was in doubt between bugs forum and here).

I noticed a small problem in the WinGUI, recent SVN build 2432 (the current SVN doesn't build). I realise and respect that you don't want (too many) bug reports on SVN builds (as clearly motivated here), but the problem seems to be in code submitted 3 months ago (changeset 2146), so maybe you want to know.

also, I've never coded in C#, though I do have some software dev background (just not practicing too much nowadays).

The problem, functionally:

about "Options > Advanced/Other > x264: constant quality fractional granularity"

a) tooltip is incorrect (copy paste error, from the CLI/processor cores field)
b) when the CQ granularity is changed, the slider_VideoQuality on "Main Form > Video" (and textlabel SliderValue, and generated query) are messed up until (i) HB is restarted; or (ii) drp_VideoEncoder value is changed.

problem (b) could easily be solved (worked around) by stating in the option's tooltip that this option requires a restart to take effect.

Looking at the underlying code...
I started thinking about a more elegant (and real) solution, but I don't fully see it yet. Part of the (or a related) problem seems to be that the code to convert slider value to actual value is duplicated in both frmMain.cs and QueryGenerator.cs. And the slider's min/max values used in the conversion, are only updated on a drp_VideoEncoder value change. I guess the neatest solution would be to define a method on the slider_VideoQuality to update itself. That could be called by both the Options & drp_VideoEncoder change events (instead of putting the code to change the slider in the drp_VideoEncoder change event, and duplicating it further to the Options/granularity field).

hope this helps
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Re: [WinGUI] changing CQ granularity option breaks CQ slider

Post by s55 »

Moved to bugs.

OK, I'll add it to my list of things t fix.
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