Encoding as mpeg fails

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Encoding as mpeg fails

Post by stephen_wq »

When trying to encode an unencryped ~7 min dvd to mpeg, i get the following:
the percentage doesnt change at all. Video is 800kb/s and the width/height is the original, with 200kb/s mp3.
Why is this?

edit: tried ripping it with dvd decrypter which says there is no protection, then i tried using the ripped folder. Same result.

Need this by next thursday by the way.

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Re: Encoding as mpeg fails

Post by rhester »

stephen_wq wrote:Need this by next thursday by the way.
Everything up to this point was fine. I guess it needs to be reiterated that HandBrake 0.8.1 beta 1 is a beta of open-source software, and that we aren't responsible if your homework is late.


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Post by s55 »

The Zero Check Failed error indicates that the DVD is poorly mastered. Its unlikely you'll be able to copy it.

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