Stackdump when encoding, Vista issue, or something else?

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Post by s55 »

Fair doos, I believe most issues with libavcodec (which i believe may have caused alot of stack dump has been to the most part resolved) BUT it looks like a few other libaries are causing stackdumps occasioally 2 which the gcc upgrade hasnt done anything to sort.

The libavcodec stackdumps, i believe although am not 100% sure were any thats seen right at the end or start of an enocde or any time when you cut an encode short using ctrl-c

Stackdumps in the middle of the encode process are most probably caused by something else going wrong. Could also be tied in to the audio issue users see on the mac platoform. Do you notice any significant drops in encode speed during the encode process at all? Could be manifesting itself as a crash under cgywin. hmm

Don't have a sodden clue what to do about the others tbh. Just pray that the next version of cygwin helps somewhat. All these thoughts to test out :/

I mostly use mpeg4 due to the encoding speed. If space isnt really an issue you could try using it instead. Just increase the bit-rate a bit. Would be interesting to see what happens.

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Post by joe759 »

I want to thank you for your support on this, after your rebuild I have now been able to encode 2 movies that kept giving me stackdumps. I am a software developer and I understand how hard it is to debug some problems and all the hard work that you put into this program and just want to say thanks and keep up the good work

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