Worth upgrading my CPU?

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Worth upgrading my CPU?

Post by timberflake »

Hi guys,

I'm currently running on a 3800x which has been perfectly fine when using handbrake on 1080p files, it usually take me around 60-90 minutes to encode a film.

However, I'm just getting into 4k files and am trying my first film tonight, Warrior, which is 68GB. It's been running for 1.5 hours and says it has 10 hours left :shock:

My question is, would I see a noticeable benefit to upgrading to a 3900x? Does anyone have one and can they comment on how good it is when using handbrake?
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Re: Worth upgrading my CPU?

Post by rollin_eng »

Have you looked in the benchmarks forum?

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Re: Worth upgrading my CPU?

Post by mduell »

Some, but not a lot. More reasonable settings may get you a more desirable tradeoff in performance vs efficiency.
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Re: Worth upgrading my CPU?

Post by Himcules »

The most important thing is HW accelerated encoding, which increases perf by at least 10x. Be sure you have this enabled in the preferences section.
If using NLMeans filtering, then yes upgrade as this will be a bottleneck and isn't passed over to the GPU as a more complicated CPU based operation.
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