Convert 5 VOB files to 1 MP4 file ?

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Convert 5 VOB files to 1 MP4 file ?

Post by Flourgrader »

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Hello All,
I installed Handbreak on my PC, which is running Windows 10,
because I wanted to convert VOB files to MP4 files and join all the VOB files together in the one MP4 file.
Well how disappointed was I to find out Handbreak does not join multiple videos together. I joined this forum just to check that this is correct and if it is then maybe the author of the software would implement such an option.
I do actually like the software, what a great shame it is that it’s let down by such an omission!!
Thanks for reading my post.

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Windows 10

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I would need to re install handbreak.... There is no point in doing this if handbreak can not conver 5 VOB files to one MP4 file... Thank You.....
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Re: Convert 5 VOB files to 1 MP4 file ?

Post by musicvid »

The problem is not with Handbrake, but with your expectations and lack of knowledge of the DVD file structure. We don't encode from .vobs, because sync and stutter will result from the unterminated GOPs in the transport stream.

You can encode your DVD Titles in Handbrake, and do your editing in an editing program. Davinci Resolve is free.
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Re: Convert 5 VOB files to 1 MP4 file ?

Post by Flourgrader »

Thank you for your prompt reply,
Since I last posted I have installed VideoProc on my PC.
This Program does everything I want, convert from VOB to any other format and join the Multiple parts of the video together.
Making just one very perfect MP4 Video file.
So in view of what you said I will consider this question answered and close the ticket on this subject.
Thank you for your help.
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Re: Convert 5 VOB files to 1 MP4 file ?

Post by david62311 »

I have no problems converting .vob files. Handbrake will convert them to .mp4 or .4mk whichever you prefer. I prefer .mp4 files. I am a DJ and I have .vob Single Music Video files and by dragging a full folder of .vob files into handbrake and then queue all files, I am able to convert as many as I want providing I have the space on my hard drive. Handbrake even converts the .txt file to .mp4...haha!

I am fairly new with Handbrake. I've only been using it a lot for the last couple of months. This is my first day in the forum.

For what you are asking, I don't know that handbrake will merge individual .vob files into one long file. There may be a way for it to make it do it but, I don't know it.

I do know that you can drag and drop a .vob file into handbrake and if it has multiple chapters or multiple titles it can separate the chapters or titles into individual video files but, you have to queue each chapter or title up one by one manually.

I know I can load a DVD into it and merge all of the chapters but, the DVD has to be set up in a way that it's a normal DVD and not have separate .vob files.

@Flourgrader why do you need the .vob files merged? Is it music videos.

You are probably going to need a Movie Editor to merge your 4 .vob files together. I paid for Magix Movie Editor and it was worth the money and it does a Great Job creating .mp4 files from .vob files. I don't know of any Free programs that would do that but, there might be one out there. Handbrake is the only Free program that I know of that converts good quality .mp4 files that work Great for music videos!
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Re: Convert 5 VOB files to 1 MP4 file ?

Post by Rodeo »

Where is the VIDEO_TS folder?
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