Ajust SSA subtitle font size.

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Ajust SSA subtitle font size.

Post by birgert »

I can't see any way to ajust the font size of ASS subtitle. :

When i compress video with subtitle. The fontsize is bigger than the original from blu-ray
So, what determens the fontsize of the ASS?

HandBrake version (e.g., 1.3.3):
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Re: Ajust SSA subtitle font size.

Post by Woodstock »

SSA subtitles usually have font size (and other information) encoded into them. A subtitle editor would be the best way to change them globally.

The PGS subtitles on the BD are pictures, rather than text, so their font size is set by the disk authors.

Additional information: Wikipedia article on SSA
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Re: Ajust SSA subtitle font size.

Post by mduell »

Sure, in your subtitle editor. HB is not one.
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