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Default Path?

Post by oggy88 »

This is Handbrake 1.3.3 on Windows 10.

Prepared to accept I'm being thick here but I'm really struggling with setting the variables for the Output File Default Path and File Format.

My requirements are simple, no chapters or anything like that, I have a series of VOB files that I collected years ago using 'Magix something or other' from my own Camcorder videos that I am now converting to MP4's. I can rename my VOB files appropriately and I then want the MP4 file to appear in the same folder as the original VOB, with the same name but with the MP4 extension.

So the conversation for


would be


I need this to be driven by the variable because I will be working in lots of different folders and I want the MP4 file to automatically follow the VOB file so to speak.

I know I'm missing the obvious but can anyone help please?


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