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Lower Third / drawbox

Post by Cristofayre »

Forgive this "newbie" if post format is incorrect.

I'm developing a little app that creates video captions, both SRT and SSA. (SRT as text file, and SRT/SSA as 'burned in' along the bottom of the video. The GUI version handles this well) Until this morning, I was going to use FFMPEG. Now I've discoverered the HandBrakeCLI version - which is 1/10th the size at 16KB

I can no doubt 'develop' the code to burn in the captions via trial and error, but there is one option I know FFMPEG can do, but not sure if CLI can.

There is a command called "DrawBox" that allows you to add a coloured bar the full width of the screen - a bit like a Lower Third - and the captions are printed on top of that. Is that possible? (Theoretically as HB is based on FFMPEG so I've read)

Not tested, but can someone vertify if this is the correct format to burn in captions:
"-i input.mp4 -Z,--Preset Very Fast 1080p30 -N, --ssa-burn captions.ssa -o outputFile.mp4"
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