Pausing Handbrake on a Condition

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Pausing Handbrake on a Condition

Post by minoush82 »


I would like to be able to pause handbrake using an external script/program when my CPU gets hot beyond a given threshold. How would I go about doing this?

I usually start a batch job (with a long queue) manually from the GUI and let it run. When my CPU monitor signals that my CPU's temperature is elevated, I would use the pause button, let the CPU cool down, and then resume. I can only do that when I am in front of my PC; and now I want to be able to do it unattended as follows: Start the process manually through the GUI, and when my CPU monitor detects a high CPU temperature, it should run a external script that pauses Handbrake.

I have the temperature detection and the ability to run a script based on that. I need the actual script. I have downloaded the CLI version of Handbrake, and searched the output "HandbrakeCLI -help" for the string "pause" but that yielded nothing.

I am using Handbrake 1.3.3 under Windows 10 Pro.

Since this is an issue that does not relate to an actual Handbrake operation, I am not attaching an activity log.

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Re: Pausing Handbrake on a Condition

Post by Woodstock »

It would be simpler to address the cooling problem. Your cooling system should be adequate to keep the CPU below "boil lead" temps at 100% CPU for extended periods of time. If it used to be able to do this, find out why it cannot now. Probably dust plugging the sink fins or a failing cooling fan. Sometimes the case cooling fan isn't up to the task of removing the hot air that the CPU cooler makes.

If you're running on a laptop, well, you're doomed from the start, laptops are rarely designed to handle more than 50% CPU load for more than 5 minutes.

As for a script, you could interface with the CPU clock speed in the BIOS, and cut it back as needed. Some BIOS have that built in, as one of the options for responding to a CPU over-temp.
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Re: Pausing Handbrake on a Condition

Post by s55 »

In general, unless your running water cooling, CPU temperatures will spike within seconds and typically saturate within a few minutes. As such, this kind of approach isn't that effective as you'd have to start/stop every few seconds which is likely just going to cause other problems.

Water does take a bit longer to hit equilibrium however I'd not expect a water cooling loop to have this kind of problem unless something was wrong with it.
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Re: Pausing Handbrake on a Condition

Post by musicvid »

Don't overclock a rendering machine. It's not the same as gaming.
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