pcm sound format?

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pcm sound format?

Post by unclebubbies »

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Trying to back up a blu ray to an MKV file. The disc only has pcm sound. What sound directive do I use to passthrough this?

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I'm using 1.3.3

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Window's 10

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Re: pcm sound format?

Post by Silent_Strider »

You cannot. Not with Handbrake. If you want to preserve PCM for whatever reason (it's uncompressed audio!) you have to mux it into the new video file yourself.
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Re: pcm sound format?

Post by Rodeo »

FLAC encoder is your best bet if you want to stick with a HandBrake-only workflow.
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Re: pcm sound format?

Post by musicvid »

You can rip your BluRay with MakeMKV. Then you can save your audio with MKVExtract.
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