Subtitles appear really big

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Subtitles appear really big

Post by skylinekiller »

Description of problem or question:
When selecting a subtitle as default from a 1080p azmn webrip, the final result is a really large subtitle display. I am re-encoding to 720p to h264 .mp4. Does the resizing have anything to do with the subtitle size? If so, what is the fix? When I do SSAs and hard code them, I don't have any issues.

Steps to reproduce the problem (If Applicable):

HandBrake version 1.3.3 (2020061300)

Win 10 v2004
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Re: Subtitles appear really big

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With no activity logs, we have no idea what you told Handbrake to do, or what it saw when trying to do it. And being a "webrip", you're subject to what the person who did that rip set up prior to your downloading it.
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Re: Subtitles appear really big

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