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Dimensions / Cropping

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Dimensions / Cropping

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win 10

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Hi guys,new to the forum but been using handbrake for a while to compress VHS rips.

Ive been capturing the VHS tapes in 720p (via Toshiba up scaling VHS player and Startech USB 3 HDMI capture device) and the compressing them in handbrake. for the past few years, i've cropped a few pixes around the edge in the dimensions tab to get rid of the soft edges and over scan from the VHS. After cropping, this would slightly reduce the width and height under the size section, so i have been putting these back up to match the source sizes. After all this time, i'm thinking i may be doing this wrong??

For example, i have a 1280 wide clip, i crop maybe 30 pixels from the total width, then increase the output size back up to 1280 to compensate. IS this going to cause me any adverse effects? as in essence, after cropping, i am re adding pixels that aren't actually there?? My logic for doing this was to keep the files at a standard height and width, rather than having clips that are say 1262x708.

i'm just wondering if this re rendering process will have any negative effects on the clip, or is it not going to be an issue.

As i say, i've done 100s of VHS this way and not noticed any issues, but if it turns out i have been doing this wrong, then i should change my workflow.

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