Problem with HandBrake Portable Version when sending file to program

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Problem with HandBrake Portable Version when sending file to program

Post by ultima_prime »


My name is Robert and I am the author of the TC UP project -

I would like to add HandBrake to my project (of course if HandBrake Makers don't mind)

but I came across a strange problem that is shown in the video below:

For easier understanding of what is shown in the movie, I set the program so that when reading a file from his own directory (portable) it has a dark color theme enabled, and if from AppData it has acc. default configuration - bright color mode.

If I want to use the HandBrake Portable version, the program reads its settings from its own directory (and it should be so) - if I run it directly via the mouse double-click or via the shortcut


The problem is that if I send a file to it (which I want to convert), it no longer reads the settings from own directory (even though the portable.ini file is set correctly) but creates a configuration file in: c:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\HandBrake\settings.json

Re-enabling even by a shortcut causes the program to create / read settings again from: c:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\HandBrake\settings.json

And so it is until you start the program directly by double-click.

Of course, after re-sending the file to the program - all the fun begins again.

Is this a bug?
If so, is there a chance that it will be removed in future versions?

Alternatively, is there another solution to the problem?


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