turn off automatic cropping permanently

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turn off automatic cropping permanently

Post by DanTheOracle »

pretty simple, for what i use it for the auto cropping causes more problems than it helps.

if i need cropping i do it in vegas when i make the vid, i dont need handbrake to decide for me.

HandBrake version 1.3.1

is there any way to disable the auto cropping completely?

the videos i make have loads of historic footage which isnt wide screen but it often has many other clips or subtitles that the auto cropping feature cuts out
because it usually only crops maybe 1 in 10 or 20 vids i often dont check before uploading htem and i only realise after ive uploaded them and have to pull them down in embarrassment.

i really hope there is either a way to disable it or you can implement this at some point.

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Re: turn off automatic cropping permanently

Post by JohnAStebbins »

You can perform the following procedure to make any settings changes you like "sticky".
  • Select Dimensions pane
  • Uncheck Autocrop checkbox
  • Set top/bottom/left/right crop values to 0
  • When you modified the above settings a button should have appeared next to the preset selection combo box "Save New Preset". Push it.
  • Give the new preset an appropriate name and save it.
  • After saving the new preset, it should by your current preset. To make this permanent you must also make it your "Default" preset. "Presets" menu, select "Set Default"
  • Now, whenever HandBrake is started, this new preset will automatically be your current preset.
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