Make two videos exactly the same size

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Make two videos exactly the same size

Post by UncleWalter »

Description of problem or question:
There are any number of ways to make a video smaller, but for some reason I can't seem to find any that will let me make a video smaller by a certain amount of run time. One video runs 1hr 32m, the other 1hr 36m, and I'd like to have them play side-by-side both starting and ending at the same time (at least a lot less than a 4m difference). Yes, I understand that there are lots of parameters I can change to reduce the size of the 1h:36m video, but there doesn't seem to be a good way to control the shortening to go to a certain run time. (Or match the run time of a second video)
Perhaps I'm missing something very basic, but I can't seem to find a way to do what I'd like to do.

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Windows 10

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Re: Make two videos exactly the same size

Post by Woodstock »

There is a SLIM chance you can trim a video exactly where you want in handbrake, but it depends on the video, and where your trim points are in relation to key frames. Very hit-and-miss.

What you're looking to do is more properly done in a video editor that allows you to view multiple video streams. The export from the editor will create a starting key frame even if the source doesn't have one where you want it.
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Re: Make two videos exactly the same size

Post by mduell »

You should be able to get the difference down to a lot less than 4 minutes by using the point to point encoding options in HB. Pick the length you want encoded and HB will approximate it.
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Re: Make two videos exactly the same size

Post by andrewk89 »

By "size" you mean seconds (length), not bytes????

Avidemux has time resolution down to individual frames. If the frames line up on keyframes, the cut can be lossless ("Copy" mode). If not, it has to transcode. HuffYUV is lossless (HUGE files). Maybe x264 with Quality=0 is, too. (The older 2.5 series, which you can still get, would do "Copy" mode between key frames by transcoding the frames between the start and first keyframe. Not technically lossless, but pretty darn close. They had to remove that capability in 2.6 to meet other goals.)
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Re: Make two videos exactly the same size

Post by musicvid »

Download the trial of VideoRedo. That's what was made for -- frame accurate cuts without re-encoding, but with structural integrity.

There are other utilities, but gollies, how would we know what to suggest in absence of your required encode logs, which would at least tell us what kind of files you have, something you also neglected to do.

Please, if you care about your GOPs (and you should), avoid advice that relies on DOS commands, which is essentially crash editing.
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