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X264 Very Slow Preset...Really slow on i7

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 12:52 pm
by zack28

<<<< HandBrake Log >>>> ... tnbqfi27o=

<<<< HandBrake Log >>>>

I used MakeMKV to rip my Family wedding all 5 DVDs (17.1 Gb). I then combined the into one big File and took parts out that i didnt need using Avidemux and remuxed. I ended up with a file of 13.9Gb (6hrs 40 mins wedding). I Managed to get the file size down to 5.24 Gb using the Handbrake settings

Things use to take a long time to encode on the Phenom x4 955 (4c/4t) 8Gb, I was hoping that the Sandybridge i7 2600k 16Gb (no overclock) would be faster (4c/8t) but it took over 8 Hrs to encode a 6hrs 40 Min video :shock: . Should that right. I know its still a old CPU, but it feels no faster than the Phenom at encoding

If I upgrade to a Ryzen 2700 (8c/16t) (32gb Ram) would the same video (same HB settings) be done in 2 hrs


Re: X264 Very Slow Preset...Really slow on i7

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 1:08 pm
by s55
Your using the "Very Slow" preset and your wondering why it's "very slow" :roll:

Firstly, we don't support old versions of HandBrake. There have been a lot of good improvements over the years. It's worth the upgrade.
Second, use sensible settings. Very Slow isn't that sensible. The benefits of going past "slow" are petty minimal and not worth it considering the speed loss.

I doubt a ryzen would manage sub-2hr if it's taking 8 on the 2600K. Moving to the slow or even medium presets will more than double your speed for no cost and little difference in the output.