Is Handbreak worth using?

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Is Handbreak worth using?

Post by josephdetor »

I know people use handbreak to compress file size for uploading or storage space and such. My question is it worth it to use the program before uploading, because I know it lowers the quality but I don't how. If you find a thread that fully explains xvideos xnxx xxxthis please link it to me, would be helpful. Thank you :D
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Re: Is Handbreak worth using?

Post by video.baba »

Well before you use it - it would be a good start to spell its name correctly. That aside, HandBrake is awesome! It has various guides from its main page.

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Re: Is Handbreak worth using?

Post by PajiAlfa »

This program is wonderful and simple.
I used the DVDfab to convert when I did not have this Nvenc, since I saw that it has use this and much better without having to be with lios with the other program that also many versions did badly or with problems.

To convert to mp4 in H265 I am doing very well.

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Re: Is Handbreak worth using?

Post by Woodstock »

If you are doing it STRICTLY to upload to services like YouTube, Vimeo, etc, which will recompress it anyway, you decision is mainly, "Do I want to save the bandwidth on the upload side?"

Every time you compress a file with lossy encoders, some quality is lost. So the best way to get the most quality is to send the original, uncompressed file. You can't do that with stuff ripped from optical media, because it's already been through at least one compression cycle, getting to the media.

But, original material (game play, just-mixed video, etc) that you want to be "at its best" when displayed should be uploaded without compression.

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