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.MP4 to .AVC --- How do I do this??

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 2:30 am
by shattered_5413
I purchased a dvd player [Blaupunkt Memphis 440BT] for my truck a year ago, and I've been trying to convert videos so it will play. Divx and xvid seem to work, but its a hit and miss. I used mediainfo to see what the files look like. On the left of the screen shot is a video that works flawlessly with my dvd player. However, on the right, is a test file I did. ... 1.jpg?dl=0

My question is, how do I convert my .mp4 to .avc?? The writing application on both are identicle. So does that mean it should work. I am new to Handbrake because I always found it too complicated. I normally use vidcoder and other software. Any help is greatly appreciated.

HandBreak Versuion 0.10.2 2015060900 (Yes I realize its an old version. I just installed this one because thats the version of the video that worked in my truck.

Windows 10 Home 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor


RAM: 4.00 GB[/b]

Activity Log:
H[13:50:08] hb_init: starting libhb thread
[13:50:08] CPU:
[13:50:08] - logical processor count: 2
[13:50:08] OpenCL device #1: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Stoney
[13:50:08] - OpenCL version: 1.2 AMD-APP (2236.10)
[13:50:08] - driver version: 2236.10
[13:50:08] - device type: GPU
[13:50:08] - supported: YES
[13:50:08] Intel Quick Sync Video support: no
[13:50:08] hb_scan: path=G:\Video - - 2019-05-11 09-54-32 (1).mp4, title_index=0
libbluray/bdnav/index_parse.c:162: indx_parse(): error opening G:\Video - - 2019-05-11 09-54-32 (1).mp4/BDMV/index.bdmv
libbluray/bdnav/index_parse.c:162: indx_parse(): error opening G:\Video - - 2019-05-11 09-54-32 (1).mp4/BDMV/BACKUP/index.bdmv
libbluray/bluray.c:2182: nav_get_title_list(G:\Video - - 2019-05-11 09-54-32 (1).mp4) failed
[13:50:08] bd: not a bd - trying as a stream/file instead
libdvdnav: Using dvdnav version 5.0.1
libdvdread: Encrypted DVD support unavailable.
libdvdread:DVDOpenFileUDF:UDFFindFile /VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO failed
libdvdread:DVDOpenFileUDF:UDFFindFile /VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.BUP failed
libdvdread: Can't open file VIDEO_TS.IFO.
libdvdnav: vm: failed to read VIDEO_TS.IFO
[13:50:08] dvd: not a dvd - trying as a stream/file instead
Input #0, mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2, from 'G:\Video - - 2019-05-11 09-54-32 (1).mp4':
major_brand : mp42
minor_version : 512
compatible_brands: isomiso2avc1mp41
creation_time : 2036-02-06 06:28:16
title :
date : 2019-05-11
encoder : HandBrake 0.10.2 2015060900
Duration: 02:57:14.52, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 1180 kb/s
Stream #0.0(und): Video: h264 (High), yuv420p, 1228x720 [PAR 1:1 DAR 307:180], 1013 kb/s, 29.97 fps, 90k tbn, 59.94 tbc (default)
creation_time : 2036-02-06 06:28:16
Stream #0.1(eng): Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo, fltp, 160 kb/s (default)
creation_time : 2036-02-06 06:28:16
[13:50:09] scan: decoding previews for title 1
[13:50:09] scan: audio 0x1: aac, rate=48000Hz, bitrate=160218 English (AAC) (2.0 ch)
[13:50:10] scan: 10 previews, 1228x720, 29.970 fps, autocrop = 0/0/0/0, aspect 1.71:1, PAR 1:1
[13:50:10] libhb: scan thread found 1 valid title(s)

Re: .MP4 to .AVC --- How do I do this??

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 3:40 pm
by JohnAStebbins
AVC is another name for h.264. 'MPEG-4 Visual' is another name for 'MPEG-4 Part 2' or 'MPEG-4 advanced simple profile'. These are video codecs. divx, xvid and h.263 are all variants or subsets of MPEG-4 Visual.

If AVC is what works, then you need to use one of HandBrake's h.264 encoders. There may be other codec settings that need to be set just right for the DVD player as well. So if you continue to have problems with an h.264 encoder, we'll have to do a deeper dive into your other settings.

Re: .MP4 to .AVC --- How do I do this??

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 8:14 pm
by shattered_5413
I use h.264 for all my videos. They just dont work for the Blaupunkt Memphis 440BT dvd player. Its very frustrating. I may be new to Handbrake, but I've been doing conversions and videography for 10 years.

Re: .MP4 to .AVC --- How do I do this??

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 8:58 pm
by Woodstock
Reading the manual and advertising for that radio, it seems to only be compatible with MPEG2 video. There is no mention of h.264, and the standards formats it mentions (DVD, VCD) are MPEG2.

Re: .MP4 to .AVC --- How do I do this??

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 9:48 pm
by shattered_5413 ... T%20UM.pdf

Quote: "This unit can play the following discs (4.72 in) and media files: DVD±R/RW/ RMVB

The whole reason I purchased this dvd player was due to the fact that they claimed it would play .mp4's.
It doesn't or it might but I dont know how without knowing the specific steps. A simple conversion doesnt do the trick.

Re: .MP4 to .AVC --- How do I do this??

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 10:50 pm
by BradleyS
I'm guessing that indicates MPEG-4 Part 2, not H.264. You'll need to select the MPEG-4 video encoder on the video tab.

Re: .MP4 to .AVC --- How do I do this??

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 11:01 pm
by mduell
You can put a variety of video streams in the mp4 container. It doesn't support all of them. This is pretty typical with crapgadgets.

Re: .MP4 to .AVC --- How do I do this??

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 11:09 pm
by BradleyS
*puts mduell into a container*

Re: .MP4 to .AVC --- How do I do this??

Posted: Thu May 16, 2019 5:10 pm
by musicvid
The .AVC extension usually reserved for an .h264 elementary transport video stream that contains no audio. It is used inside authoring programs to mux with multiple user selectable audio streams with only one video stream, rather than duplicate video streams. DVD ARCHITECT is one example that imports .avc elementary streams.

Think languages, director's notes, narrative, karaoke track, etc.

Re: .MP4 to .AVC --- How do I do this??

Posted: Thu May 16, 2019 8:54 pm
by shattered_5413
Either way, my original question goes unanswered. I just wanted to know, based on the screenshot, how the video specs on the left were accomplished in handbrake. Ive tried to use handbrake on several occasions and all I end up with files that I cannot use. Luckily, I found help in another forum with a software that is more reliable. It wasnt free, but at least I have something that will play on my dvd player, and yes @mduell, I realize that my dvd player is a crapgadget lol. It was cheap, does not hold the correct time, cant listen to am/fm, but thats not what I bought it for in the first place.