HB Adds Too Many Audio Tracks in Custom Setting

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HB Adds Too Many Audio Tracks in Custom Setting

Post by mfc90125 »

Was using High Profile for awhile until I realized that it wasn’t adding all audio tracks like director’s commentary. I created a new profile that used elements of High Profile. I thought that would include those tracks. Unfortunately, it now duplicates most of the original tracks and only downmixes into stereo. In the Audio screen, I can see both the audio track and the pass through; I’ve included one of the settings I see on the Audio tab for a film like Once Upon a Time in China:
- 1. Unknown AAC - mixdown is stereo
- 1. Unknown AC3 Passthru - mixdown is stereo

The passthru was automatically added and also appears in the High Profile default setting. What I’m looking for is a setting that will automatically add all audio tracks and encode them in their original settings. 5.1 Dolby Digital is only mixing down to Pro Logic II.

I’ve tried removing each of the Passthru and encoding again.

I’m using HandBrake version 1.1.0. OS is Windows 7.

Pasting code once I get to a desktop.

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