Track 2 drop downs missing

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Track 2 drop downs missing

Post by pberg »

I'm quite new to HB but stuck with the following problem:
So far I've been using the OS X version to encode DVDs with the AppleTV preset and always used 2 audio tracks (english and my native language).
I'm using VLC on the AppleTV to watch and it works absolutely great!

Now I've installed the Windows version (0.9.1) in order to encode some DVDs @ work and I've not been able to get the "Track 2" dropdown menus.
With the same DVD and 0.9.1 version on OS X I do get them.

Any hints ?
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Post by s55 »

There isn't a second downdown in the WinGui

You simple have to add: ,4
where 4 is the number of the second audio channel onto the end of the "-a" option in the query editor tab. You'll be able to see the number you need to add in the dropdown.

Remember to re-generate the query everytime you alter a setting. When you have a query in the query generator tab, that's what will be used regardless of other settings.
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