Subtitle Issue Ripping with MakeMKV

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Boba Debt
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Subtitle Issue Ripping with MakeMKV

Post by Boba Debt »

I'm a newbie and I tries a search using the following words and came up with nothing - Plex MakeMKV Subtitles

I rip my DVDs with MakeMKV and deselect everything except for the main movie and within that selection I only save the English subtitles and DD 5.1 Surround

The creates as 4-6GB .mkv file and I can watch it via Plex which gives me the option to turn the subtitles on or off

I want to use Handbrake to convert those files to HQ1080p30 Surround because that reduces the files to about 1.5GB

The problem is that I can not figure out how to get Handbrake to save the subtitles.

Most online tutorials tell you to import the SRT file but I don't have one

I would like to do this in the Batch Method because I have ripped my entire DVD collection of movies and box sets so I have about 2000 titles

Any help would be appreciated.

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