Ex- and Import Queue

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Ex- and Import Queue

Post by Higginsfantast »

I can not export and import the queue like in 1.0.7

I don't find the possibility to safe the queue

HandBrake version 1.1.0

Windows 10 x64

In Handbrake 1.0.7 it was easy to export the queue, now I cant find it.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Re: Ex- and Import Queue

Post by s55 »

Queue import was removed. The gui will automatically recover the queue if you close/ reopen it

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Re: Ex- and Import Queue

Post by WindedHero »

Disappointed by the removal of this feature. I found it quite useful to mass-edit the existing queue via notepad. Can't do that now :\

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Re: Ex- and Import Queue

Post by mduell »

People build strange workflows on technical quirks.

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Re: Ex- and Import Queue

Post by Kaelyn »

I used the option of import and output queue a lot, disappointed too of the removal.

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Re: Ex- and Import Queue

Post by DrXenos »

Wow, I use to depend on this feature a lot. I'm glad I moved away from it.

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