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Adding CSV Chapter markers to file

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2016 3:38 am
by Phototaker
I'm using latest Version. I use my PVR to record off air & transfer files to PC via cat cable to PC. I open the MPEG2 TS file in VideoReDo TV Suite H264 & chop out adds then save file . The file has the original CC titles retained & plays back OK but I end up with a long file because there are no chapter markers. VideoReDo offers to create a CSV chapter market file from both cuts you made and/or at regular intervals. I turn this on & end up with a file on desktop which I can open in Notepad lists marks along timeline.

After I have imported the MPEG2 file into HB I go to chapter tabs where it lists entire length of video as being the only chapter. If I click import chapter markers the tab says CSV but no file is displayed to import, I check extension on file & it says .txt I try changing this to CSV but I can't make a connection so that I can import it into HB.,

I have no logs because there has been no HB processing. Should this have worked? I looked at your Help WIKI but I suspect that things might have changed since this is 5 years old.

Can this be make to work? Did I miss anything?