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Encoding question

Post by oRBIT2002 »

Assume I have an .mov file captured with my iPhone. It's framerate is something like 59.0XXXX (they differ a bit from file to file).
What happens if I recode it with Handbrake (with h.265 for example) to 60fps (constant), but decides to "copy AAC audio" instead of recoding it.
Is there a chance of getting audio sync problems when doing this? Is it safer to recode the audio aswell?

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Re: Encoding question

Post by daanbrg »

I'm fairly sure HandBrake should compensate for that. When in doubt, there are three things you could do, in order of security:
  1. Transcode to VBR, this should be supported by most players
  2. As you suggested: recoding the audio, losing some detail in a lossy codec
  3. Experiment ;-)
Yeah, I know, I'm of no use here. :lol:

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Re: Encoding question

Post by rollin_eng »

The duration of your video should not change, therefore your audio should be ok.

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