Recode MPEG2 TS & keep titles for MKV?

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Recode MPEG2 TS & keep titles for MKV?

Post by Phototaker »

I'm running version 64 bit.

I record MPEG2 ts directly off the air. I know that if I then trim the file using VideoReDo. At this stage the file has subtitles embedded in it. Is there any way using Handbrake to re code and to keep these titles to create an MKV file doing this? I know that VideoReDo allows me to create an H264TS file with this feature.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Recode MPEG2 TS & keep titles for MKV?

Post by mduell »

Maybe. Would need to see the scan log alluded to in the unmissable bold underlined red text on a pink background at the top of the page, since there's already obvious errors in your post and we've found users aren't very good at explaining their source files.
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