AC3 Audio encoder unreliable?

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AC3 Audio encoder unreliable?

Post by angelessme »

I've found recently after doing alot of quality testing and messing with presets that the AC3 audio encoder seems to be somewhat undependable?

I encoded a season of Green Wing with the Normal preset and had almost no crashes of handbrake and no files with dead/broken/missing audio.

However when i tried to redo the season with the Dues Six Quatre preset i found that i was forced to re-encode episodes constantly because the sound was missing. However i discovered that switching the audio encoder from AC3 to AAC resolved the issue consistantly.

The guide mentions that missing sound is a copy protection issue, is this specifically related to the AC3 encoder?

This is using Handbrake 0.9.1 GUI Build 2.4.1
Vista Ultimate 32bit.
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