"Best" Picture Settings?

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"Best" Picture Settings?

Post by jimt29 »

As installed, HandBrake does a fine job of converting a DVD movie to an MP4 file. I introduced HandBrake to my son and he posed a question that I couldn't answer. "Is there a best picture setting" for watching on a large hi-def TV?

I've never changed any settings so I thought I would throw the question out to the forum members to see if in fact there is a best picture setting when converting from DVD to MP4. File size is not important. I'm using the latest version.

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Re: "Best" Picture Settings?

Post by VIP00 »

The best picture setting if you have no concerns about size is 0 (on the constant quality scale on the video tab). It's a completely lossless version of your source. Though it you're looking for that, you're better off using something like MakeMKV to rip the files directly. The advantage of handbrake is being able to reduce the size of the file with minor loss of quality - if file size is not a concern, it may not have a lot of use to you.
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Re: "Best" Picture Settings?

Post by daring »

I second the idea of using MakeMKV to just rip full quality files if size doesn't matter. The bonus with the MKV file is that you can have tons of audio and subtitle files attached plus the huge, full res movie file and True HD audio. :)
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Re: "Best" Picture Settings?

Post by GhostMotleyX »

Well the best I find is MKV, H.264, RF0 Lossless and for the Audio either choose AAC Passthru or FLAC 16bit or 24bit, this can sometimes bloat the file size but there is no loss in quality.
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Re: "Best" Picture Settings?

Post by Smithcraft »

After you rip with MakeMKV, you would want to use a muxer to put the file into an MP4 container. You can find out about those at VideoHelp.com.

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