Only finding one title

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Only finding one title

Post by vicmackay »

Hi there,

I've encountered a problem while trying to encode "The Shield Series 3". Each disc has four episodes on it but handbrake on recognises one in the title pane. The two earlier seasons worked fine, I decoded those with DVD43. I tried using DVD43 again but to no avail, I downloaded anyDVD but this did nothing. I also copied the files to the computer HD and then tried the process again but it came up with nothing. I'm stuck with only the first episode on each disc.

I'm using XP Home edition.

Any help would be great. Thanks
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Post by rockinrobstar »

Same problem trying to get Band of Brothers Disk 1:
Only get the first title.

Using 2.4.0 on my mates PC and using DVD43 to decode.

Works fine on my Mac. (Get 3 titles).
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Post by hadoo »

Vic, Could it be that the earlier DVD seasons were recorded with one title and each episode starting with a new chapter mark and the latest DVD has each episode starting as a separate title. This had me going for a while when converting some music compilation DVD's and I came across one which would only process the first song. I later noticed that each song on this one was recorded as a separate title on this one DVD, rather than the DVD using one title and chapter marks for songs.

If each of your episodes are on the DVD as a different title you may have to do them one by one. If you set up batch mode to do them make sure you change the filename for each title as you enter them in to the queue as handbreak dosen't auto title it seems.

I still havn't found a solution for doing music compilation DVD's when each song is a separate title. It would take a long time to enter the info in for batch processing and at the end of the day I want one MP4 file, not twenty!

(using handbreak with vista)
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Post by PuzZLeR »

Be creative guys. I will explain this again like on other posts.

I have a 100% success rate in finding the titles I want on every DvD you can throw at me - commercial, homemade, music videos, tv episodes.

The secret is just a few more steps, but this would cut about 50% of the questions on this forum:

1. Rip out the DvD's content as MPEG-2 files (not VOBs) with apps like Nero or TMPGEnc. This is lossless and as quick as copying a DvD to your hard drive.

2. Now that you have the content as .mpg files, you can do whatever you want with them - search them, cut them, join them, remux them, arrange them, etc. They're at your mercy. You can conduct all these operations quickly and losslessly as well. You can even edit, or deinterlace them too at this stage.

3. Now that you know where everything is and created .mpg files the way you like them, then author a new VIDEO_TS folder. Make the DvD the way you like it. This is all lossless and quick too and no menus or burning is necessary when it's only for HandBrake input (and deleted after).

4. Encode this VIDEO_TS folder with HandBrake. You should have no problems now that you've arranged the content to your liking and know where everything is.

Perfect encode each time...
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