im having handbrake trouble..please help!

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im having handbrake trouble..please help!

Post by shark4000 »

i dont think this has been mentioned in the forum so.....

ok i can encode the video just fine. everything works out and i can put it in itunes. however, when i play the video on itunes, the video is all staticy. the video plays fine, you just cant tell what is going on because of the static. ive tried many times with both movies 'Waiting' and 'I, Robot' (both bought from store) and the same thing always happens. Oh, and Im running a Vista. Any ideas?
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Post by risck »

A few questions.

Is the issue isolated to video's playing in iTunes or do you see the same problem with other media players as well?

Does HandBrake's preview show a static like image?

Are you encoding directly from the disc or are you using something like DVDFab HD Decrypter and encoding the video from your hard drive?
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Post by Cavalicious »

hmmm...The moon isn't aligned with Pluto....?

Need to provide at least the basics. Settings, rip method, etc.
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Post by shark4000 »

alright...heres what ive got.

yes i have the same problem with other media players (quicktime).
im not sure how to see HandBrake's preview?
yes im encoding straight from the disc that i bought from best buy.
im on a Toshiba laptop running vista.
ok heres what i do... i open handbrake and these are the settings i change-

Source: D:\VIDEO_TS
Destination: desktop
Encoder: H.264 (ipod)
Audio Encoder: AAC
Width/Height: 320x240
i dont change anything on picture settings
on video settings..avg bitrate: 400 and i check 2-pass encoding
audio settings..bitrate: 128 sample rate: 44.1
i then click encode video

after encoding is finished i put the mpg4 icon of the movie into Library of itunes. when i click on the movie from movies on itunes it plays. however, it is staticy and the sound is choppy. its hard to if its trying to play faster than it can so the picture is having trouble keeping up?

let me know if you have any thoughts or any more information you need

thank you for your help!
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Post by John Meyer »

shark - itunes uses quicktime to play videos. try downloading vlc media player (google it) and play it with that. then see if you're still having the same problems.
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