Real batch jobs? (yes, I've read the docs)

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Real batch jobs? (yes, I've read the docs)

Post by thomas »

Okay, I have a ton of video files in various .avi, .mpeg, .asf, .mov, .rm, etc. formats that I want to convert to .m4v format for playback on iPhone and iPad. (I personally think this is a rather common scenario). HandBrake 0.9.6 allows me to scan a folder (non-recursively) and lists all the titles but I have to manually add each title to the queue. While this is an improvement over having to open each media file individually I think there's room for improvement. I would love the ability to specify a single root folder and HandBrake would recursively finds all media files it can read and automatically convert each file using a specified output settings preset!! Once an optimum preset is found (yes it takes time but there's no way around that) thousands and thousands of media files would be automatically converted, wouldn't that be lovely? Can someone create this feature or develop a wrapper script to do this?

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Re: Real batch jobs? (yes, I've read the docs)

Post by TedJ »

Have you checked the CLI forum? There are several user submitted batch scripts that should do what you need.
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