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Re: Hard and Soft Subtitles Guide

Post by Rodeo »

And you've determined the charset of your .srt file how? It nothing gets burned-in, then the charset probably isn't UTF-8…
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Re: Hard and Soft Subtitles Guide

Post by Binarypasta »

So, in lack of my abilities to find the answer elsewhere, can any of you guys help me?

I have started the process of ripping my collection, and now i'm stuck at the settings for a Disney DVD. there's a foreign track, which qualifies for the "forced caption" as it is the translation of the small things in the video track. How do i make the media play selected it as default, or name the track, so you later could choose between them? I've messed around with it, but nothing does anything on my VLC, the tracks are just added with the language tag.

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Re: Hard and Soft Subtitles Guide

Post by Woodstock »

You can tag the track you want as default, and HOPE your player supports it.

Alternatively, I find making the forced track the FIRST track is more effective.
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