Gets to 0, but doesn't finish

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Gets to 0, but doesn't finish

Post by adoreddisorder »

I am making the AFI DVD compatible for my ipod using the Windows version of Handbrake. I have successfully got other DVDs in, but with this one, it looks like it has finished:

Muxing: 0.00 % 1 of 1, 100.00 % (64.16 fps, avg 63.57 fps, ETA 00h00m00s)

But the window doesn't close. If I manually close it and try to open the file it has created, it says it isn't a video file.

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Post by ogunplay »

i've seen this a few times and can't figure out what causes it. i've found that if you just leave it alone and let it close on its own, it'll usually turn out okay. it has taken up to 20 minutes sometimes but i end up with a playable video.
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Gets to 0, but doesn't finish

Post by brucea001 »

I have the same problem. I never waited that long but will try it next time. I don't seem to have that problem when running a batch; of course except for the final movie in the batch (sometimes).

I hope they find the fix!
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Post by newuser »

This happens to me everytime. It usually takes about how long the it took to encode for the window to close and be done.
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