encoding from dvr-ms files

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encoding from dvr-ms files

Post by rcrh »

Is it possible to get handbrake to encode from dvr-ms files? I have recordings of OTA broadcasts that are not DRM encrypted. I want to reencode these into x264 and would like to avoid having to go through the extra step of transcoding into another container before encoding.

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Re: encoding from dvr-ms files

Post by dirtyvu »

I'm the farthest thing from knowing how to use Handbrake. I have Windows 7 and I have to convert WTV to dvr-ms. that's one less step you have to do. I then use DVRMStoMPEGGUI to convert my batch of dvr-ms files to MPEG which is their native format anyway. this takes very little time. i've done a big batch of files and it takes less than a couple of minutes. I then use a generic mpeg editor to cut out the commercials since I had many problems with the automatic commercial skipping stuff (like what comes with DVRMStoMPEGGUI). the great thing about the editors i use is they don't reencode the video so after i've set what to cut, when i go to save, the save is very fast (seconds). i then use handbrake to encode the vids with the high profile. the produced mkv's look great!

so wtv to dvr-ms: 2 hour movie takes less than 4 minutes to output to dvr-ms
dvr-ms to mpeg: 2 hour movie takes maybe a minute
mpeg without commercials: takes a minute or so to save the cropped video
mpeg to mkv in handbrake: takes 2+ hours for a 2 hour movie

i know it's not what you're looking for, but I'm happy with the time it takes. the worst time offender for me is the wtv to dvr-ms converter included in windows 7. i find that it is very finicky in multitasking multiple jobs. let's say i try to do 4 wtv files to dvr-ms at the same time. sometimes a conversion will just abruptly stop and there will be no error message or anything on the screen. i've deleted the original wtv file sometimes thinking it was already converted to dvr-ms when in fact, only a few minutes were converted (i.e., original 2 hour wtv file would produce a 30 minute dvr-ms file). the way i can guarantee that i get a 100% good conversion is to do 1 wtv file at a time. a pain because the conversion is too short to leave the room. and too long to just sit there and wait for it to convert before going on to the next file.
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Re: encoding from dvr-ms files

Post by donky353 »

i know it has been a while since this page has been active but what mpeg editor are you using
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