Saving presets

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Saving presets

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I have just tried to save my first preset, but the results suggest that I might not be doing this correctly.

The user guide suggests that for most people the MP4 container would be best. I selected this for my preset & saved the preset but when I opened it & selected a file to encode it was displaying M4V. Is this correct or do I have to override my preset each time? Will the output file be called MP4 or M4V?

I would also wish to have audio encode the most channels it finds, 5.1 is usual. Does selecting automatic select this or does the program just choose the fist thing it finds in the drop down list? Again do I have to override my preset.

My wife always wishes subtitles to be included but again whats displayed when I open my preset is automatic. Will this burn in English subtitles or do I have to override the preset & select English every time?

I may as well have chapter points saved even though at this stage I can only use them when playing back my file on my PC. I also have a media player that can play back MP4 files. It allows for both chapter points & subtitles,(that can be turned on/off) to work on my TV provided that the files are in a folder along with the video file. But so far I have yet to see any easy way to save these files for inclusion in the folder. If anyone knows how to do this I would very much appreciated being pointed in the correct direction.
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