AAC 5.1 with new HB 2.2 0.8.5

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AAC 5.1 with new HB 2.2 0.8.5

Post by jabujama »

Having trouble getting the 5.1 AAC to work. Try a bunch of things using Crouching Tiger hidden dragon. I'm using VLC to check the streams after encoding a small portion of the movie(stopping with ctrl-C).

I am selecting the 5.1 audio stream and enabling mixdown to 6 discrete ch.

I can get AAC to give 2 front and 2 rear in the MP4 container, but that is as close as I get to 5.1

The AC3 5.1 works fine with AVI container.

Do I need to install an encoder? I have the latest ffdshow installed.

I am playing the audio over SB audigy 2 NX and logitech 5.1 speakers

anyone else having this problem?

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