Frameserver with DVD to remove Logos?

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Frameserver with DVD to remove Logos?

Post by Phototaker »

Reading these forums it's apparent that many users record MPEG2 or TS files off the air. Most of these programs seem to have the TV stations logo printed in the corner of the picture & most people myself included don't like them.

A couple of years ago I saw a very effective demonstration where one of these programs had the logo removed my using freeware programs VirtualDub & a special DeLogo filter. To do this entailed having VirtualDub make a copy of the original video & had it filter the logo out as it proceeded. This will only work if the logo is transparent overlay. This is very effective but is another step that is required before you get to create your DVD.

I was wondering it its possible to do this extra step without having to process the entire file another time? I have heard of of a process of Frameserving where one program does its work before passing on the file to another program for more processing before writhing the output file only once. Debugmode has such a free Frameserver available for download.

Does anyone know it there is any way that VRD can be used with Dubugmode or other programs to achieve this. In other words editing & trimming a file in VRD & have it saved as a new file with the logo removed.
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Re: Frameserver with DVD to remove Logos?

Post by hunterk »

I know this is a common thing for people who use MythTV to record shows. You might have better luck asking those folks.
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