How to change languages?

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How to change languages?

Post by blueharry »

Hello. Please help me.
I have a DVD from Germany, with the German language first, English language second, on the back print of the DVD. I want to put it on my iPod. I ripped the movie fine, but it was in German. I couldn't figure out how to rip it in English. I believe that the default language needs to be changed. How?
1) I used this program for three other DVDs today, first three went fine. This is my forth DVD.
2) I read through a bunch of previous posts and six pages of subject lines, and couldn't find an answer.
3) Thank you in advance! I hope I can solve this problem as soon as possible.

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Post by s55 »

If english is the 2nd audio track, then type 2 in the audio channels box
YOu can see a list of audio tracks in the view DVD information tab

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