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Ampere nVenc

Post by brellyn »

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in 2017, I posted a question about using my GPU for encoding as opposed to my CPU. I was told..
by Ritsuka » Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:09 pm

Nope, GPUs are horrible at video encoding.
So, I upgraded my CPU and stuck to x264. Eventually I upgraded from Maxwell to Pascal, but haven't bother with Turing., With Ampere starting to make it's way out to the real world (slowly), Does the GPU statement still hold true? Has anyone done any testing of the new platform? All of the video's on YouTube are all concentrated on gaming performance and they're ignoring the encoding performance of the card.

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No steps, just an inquiry.

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1.3.3 (2020061300)

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Windows 10 - 2004
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Re: Ampere nVenc

Post by rollin_eng »

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Re: Ampere nVenc

Post by mduell »

The hardware encoders still prioritize speed over all else, so you can pick your tradeoff between quality and size, you can't have both. No notable improvements in where that curve sits in the last year or two.
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Re: Ampere nVenc

Post by s55 »

The NVEnc engine is the same as turning in this case. Turing has some improvements over pascal but is still an encoder that's optimised towards speed.
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